Wizza's Window - October Edition
Date of Event : Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:46AM

O is for “Over”
C is for “Catch it”
T is for “That’s lunch fellas”
O is for “Out we go boys”

B is for “BALL!”

E is for “Everyone up here boys … hit a bit of pad for us ‘insert bowlers name’”
R is for “Right arm over”



Welcome back and thank you for sticking with me and my blog, here is the October edition of Wizza’s Window!


The season has started and the Sharks have begun well, with a win over Kingborough and the Greater Northern Raiders.


It was a nail-bitter over the Knights, with us holding on by one run.


Ben Dunk batted beautifully for the Sharks, scoring 167, but Beau Webster and Clive Rose both recorded hundreds for the Knights and almost got their team the win.


It’s fair to say both Beau and Clive owe me a drink the next time we cross paths in Salamanca with my first three overs provided them with plenty of cover driving practice.


As I discussed with Hamish Kingston after the game, Mother Cricket is good at grounding you if you get too far ahead of yourself.


On a more positive note, it was great to be back outside and playing cricket after spending my winter months hiding inside from the Tasmanian cold.


Another positive was my first ball was a dot ball!


Given the torturous history I have with my first ball of a season, a dot being put next to my name in the scorebook was a major win.


My anxiety for the first ball of the season started when I was 15, playing an under-17s game at Kingston Beach Oval against New Town.


I still remember the sound of the ball blowing my front pad off, ‘THUD’, as I faced my only ball ever as an opening batter.


I’m still thankful to the lady who returned my pad after it landed next to her whilst she was sunbaking on the local beach.


Another painful memory I have about my first ball was during a national championship that I was lucky enough to be picked for.


The bowlers had been set the KPI from our coach and Tasmanian cricket royalty, Dan Marsh, to bowl no more than three extras.


I ran in for my first ball hoping to start the ball on leg stump and hit the top of off; as the ball left my hand it was on the right line, however it continued to swing down the leg side and race away to the boundary for five-wides.


The perfect start! In one ball I had already ruined the bowling group’s chance of ticking off a KPI.  


Enough chat about my first ball fears, that’s for a therapist to deal with, so I’ll get off the couch and tell you about the Sharks latest win.


We recorded an 8-wicket win over the competition’s new side, the Greater Northern Raiders, thanks to debutant Rob West taking 4 for 25, and Ben Dunk continuing his form with a 67 not out.


Rob, also known as Westy, was a late call up because our wicketkeeper Stuart Martin pulled out with jetlag an hour before the game (even though he landed on Wednesday).


We did miss the cry of “Jake King” from Stuart anytime he took a return throw from the outfield, but we weren’t complaining when Westy (who is a pomb and came to the club because of his love of Gabe Bell) took three of the first four wickets in the game.


Second grade and the under-17s also had good wins but our women’s and third grade both couldn’t get over the line.


Our attention turns to the red ball this weekend with a two-day game against Clarence.


Let’s hope the next time you here from me Ben Dunk is yet to be dismissed and I have taken at least one wicket for the season.

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