Wizza's Window - Novermber Edition
Date of Event : Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:52PM

I’ve heard the cries from ‘the readers’ and I’m taking on board the criticism, and like Gary Ablett Jr I’m sure the direct feedback will make me one of the all-time greats.


I understand the recapping of games should be left to Sharkman and can be found on MyCricket, so this blog will no longer be like a Ricky Ponting Captain’s Diary and I will focus less on game analysis and delve further into what makes South Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club great, the people.


Welcome back to Wizza’s Window, the November edition.


It’s been a wet month filled with rain, November rain, and the hit 80s song from Guns and Roses has resonated with me at times the last few weeks whilst hanging out in the Queenborough Oval change rooms during rain delays.


The rock band’s lyrics went through my mind a few weeks back when I was with 10 other blokes in the change rooms at Shark Park waiting for the rain to stop against Clarence.


“We've been through this such a long long time, just tryin' to kill the pain, oo yeah!”


As the day dragged on and the rain continued to fall, more of Axl Rose’s lyrics started to make sense to me.


“Everybody needs some time on their own, don't you know you need some time all alone.”


We’re a tight-knit group at the Sharks but it doesn’t matter who you’re with, spending six hours in a change room would give anyone cabin fever.


However, I used this time to examine the groups behaviour and I think delving into how each player spends a rain delay will give you a great insight into the people who make up the club’s first grade side.


Let’s start with the punters club, made up of Sean Willis, Hamish Kingston, Ben Dunk, Trent Keep and our overseas pro Rob West.


Although his name sounds like a children’s book character, Rob West has fitted in well at the club, thanks largely to his gambling habits.


Wills Thompson is an interesting case as he was once in the pack of punters, looking up odds and discussing the heaviness of a track.


Now the man known as ‘Gooch’ is having conversations with Stuart Martin about the dangers of gambling advertisement on the next generation, which tells me two things:
1) Gooch is becoming less of a gambler.
2) Gooch and Stuart are both thinking about having children with their respective partners in the very near future.


The other main event that captures much of the team’s attention is the quiz out of TasWeekend, brought to games by me after I finish my few hours of work at the Mercury on Saturday mornings.


The quiz is simple to run and I recommend you conducting your own quiz at your club.


One player takes on the role as quizmaster and reads the questions, whilst the other players become the contestants, buzzing in by saying their name before trying to answer the questions.


Each player has their preferred topic, with myself and Sean Willis liking the music questions; Caedence Kuepper, Harry Nichols and Stuart Martin enjoying the Geography questions; Hamish Kingston is the team’s movie buff; and Ben Dunk, Matt Clarke and Gooch having a strong hold on general knowledge.


You may have noticed a few names missing in that list, although Rob ‘Westy’ West does still get the odd question right, it’s hard on him not being from Australia with constant questions about AFL, Australian politics and Cold Chisel.


Another name missing is Trent Keep, who is normally too focussed on finding things to take photos of to put on his Instagram story.


I’d like to finish this blog by rating club’s facilities during rain delays, listed from worst to best:


University (Utas Oval)
– clubroom is nice but I get bored looking at all the pictures of Tim Paine, I always slip over when walking on the tiles with my spikes and you can only have half the team in the change rooms at one time. 3/10


Kingborough (Twin Ovals)
– Good clubroom with tap beer, but the change rooms have weird seats in the middle of them that take up half the space and the covers are a hassle to put on because of the cold windy conditions. 4/10


Clarence (Kangaroo Bay)
– Same as the Twin Ovals but it’s on the Eastern Shore so it rains less. 5/10


Glenorchy (KGV)
– Large change rooms are a positive but a long walk to the clubroom for a feed. 6/10


North Hobart (North Hobart Oval)
– No walk in the rain to get from the change rooms to the clubroom for a feed is a huge plus, along with the upgraded toilets and showers, but the change rooms still smell like an old person’s home. 7/10


New Town (New Town Oval)
– good size change rooms and super viewing from the clubroom, but you can hear the other team’s poor taste in music through the change room’s wall. 7.5/10


Lindisfarne (Lindisfarne Oval)
– On the sunny side of the river and great facilities but can easily hear Keegan Oates in the other change room.  8/10


South Hobart Sandy Bay (Queenborough Oval)
– Great change rooms with immaculate sound proofing and the clubroom is a short walk away. Also, the ground is situated in Sandy Bay so a good coffee is close by. 9.5/10


*disclaimer: no Greater Northern Raiders grounds mentioned because I have not spent a rain delay there yet.


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