Wizza's Window - September Edition
Date of Event : Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:06PM

Welcome back for the second edition of Wizza’s Window!

A lot has changed in a month: the footy finals are coming to a close; we are getting warmer and winder weather; and it’s now the cricket pre-season. 

Another change since I last wrote is that Australia has a new Prime Minister, which is a situation we Aussies are used to because the position has become like Trent Keep’s Facebook profile picture, highly rotated.  

The feedback from you, ‘the readers’, on the first edition of the blog was very positive, but I understand there have been questions asked if this blog can deliver again, or have I used up all of my material?

Am I going to crash and burn after my debut like the Sex Pistols? Who after their one and only studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, never managed to record another. 

Or am I going to create a legacy for myself like the Beatles? Whose 13 studio albums continuously reinvented the music scene.

Either way, I’m sure like the bands mentioned above I will be a significant influence on pop culture, and writers will one day list these blogs as the reason they got into the writing game.  

I digress, unlike Green Day, I’m happy to be awake for September; it’s one of my favourite months.

The days are starting to get longer, every now and then you get a taste of what summer is like and most importantly it’s almost cricket season.

Pre-season is the time when players dream about developing that perfect outswinger, elegant cover drive or turning leg break, which is going to raise them from the ranks of second grade to wearing the baggy green at the SCG by the end of the summer.

Optimism is at its highest as the players from all walks of life step into the TCA indoor nets for their training session, bringing with them an eagerness to climb the pecking order, and the mud from the poorly lighted path outside.

Every pre-season I have the same dream, to move my way into single figures in the batting order.

After nicking a half volley for the third time and chopping-on the off-spinner who is making up the numbers in one of the nets, my dream is soon dashed.    

Another certainty for pre-season is that a player will be bragging about their new bat, which is “an absolute weapon, mate.”

This pre-season, James Weir has provided this, with an old Grey Nicolls bat he found in the shed at Queenborough.

There is much debate about whose bat it used to belong to because so many of our first-class players have been sponsored by Grey Nicolls over the years.

Some say it belonged to George Bailey, other suggest Jeremy Smith, and there are even rumours it was the bat our ex-coach Glen Hughes used against a formidable West Indian attack on a tour game, “Shot Son!”


There have been some great performers so far in the pre-season, with the likes of Alec Kelly, Lachy Bannon and Dom Hughes-Churchett making the most of the swinging balls.

During this pre-season there has been two types of balls used by the bowlers: one is the reconditioned ball that is ready to break your bat or bruise your inner thigh; the other is the old ball that a bloke has taken home for the winter and polish on their newly purchased creams, trying to add character to their discounted-price pants and get the ball ready for day one of pre-season. 

Away from the colourful personalities of the men’s team, our women’s team have been training hard too.

I’ve been to a few sessions as a part of my coaching role at the club and have been impressed by the group; it’s great to see this team continue to develop under the guidance of Linsey Da Costa.

As we say goodbye to another pre-season and head into the main season, I leave you with this thought.

“Statistics are like budgie smugglers, they show a lot but not everything.”



By Kyle Wisniewski

Last updated: Sunday September 23, 2018 5:08PM