Wizza's Window!
Date of Event : Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:06PM

By Kyle Wisniewski


Welcome to Wizza’s Window!


This is a monthly blog that will take you, ‘the reader’, into the greatest cricket club in Tasma … no … Austra … actually …. the World, the South Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club.


We’ve just finished our off-season, which is the period after wasting our Saturdays listening to each other talk about which AFL club will perform next year, and winning white ball dangleys (medals).

Speaking of white ball dangleys, well done to Ben Dunk on winning the Canadian T20 league with the Vancouver Knights.


The off-season also lands before the pre-season, where players rock up to the cold TCA sheds with high hopes of dominating the upcoming summer of cricket, before having their dreams and off stump cartwheeled by some 17-year-old left-arm seamer (Caleb Oakes).


For me, the off-season has been a transitional period for a few different things in my life. Having been in some sort of schooling program for the last 18 years, I’m finally free to try and find a job and pay off my last four years of education at University.


This transformation is one I’m still battling with, which is made evident with my frequent attendances at UTAS events with my soon to be expired student ID.


A group of Sharks who have no shame in attending these events are the ‘New Crew’, who gained this title from Hamish Kingston whilst he accepted his Adam Polkinghorne Medal last April.


Side note, well done Hamish on regaining a contract with Cricket Tasmania, joining fellow Sharks George Bailey, Alex Doolan, Gabe Bell and Simon Milenko. This has given Hamish more time to work on his golf and try to catch our club’s best golfer James Weir.


The ‘New Crew’ is a group of players that Hamish has identified as the future of our club on the field, and more importantly off it.


Sharks such as Lachie Bannon, Sam Young, Kayden Hine, Alec Kelly, Hamish Mcculloch and Stuart Saunders’ lookalike Tom Parsons are in this crew.


They are led by the club’s new President, Perry Mannering, who has been campaigning for Cricket Tasmania to allow clubs to sell bottles of Fat Lamb at the bar.


Now for the more mature off-seasons, which ironically have been from a bloke nicknamed ‘Pup’, and a guy whose sense of humour hasn’t aged since he was 14, “am I right fellas?”


Well done to our Senior Men’s Coach, Matt Clark, and our balding wicketkeeper, Stuart Martin, who both got engaged to their partners during the off-season.


A familiar face will be returning to Shark Park this season. If you didn’t know that Trent Keep is back then you obviously don’t read local Tasmanian newspapers (which you should because it’s helping pay off my HECS debt).


Trent is still his usual self, strutting around like Wayne Carey on the ‘G, and talking about the three topics that his life revolves around; cricket, girls and Alex Doolan.


For Trent, his off-season has seen him not only move back to Hobart but get a job with ex-Shark Tim Scott at Ford Scott Financial Planning. This means Trent gets to wear a suit whilst making coffees, which he is very happy about.


Trent’s two best friends, Sean Willis and Harry Nichols have had their typical off-seasons.


Sean has been playing footy for North Hobart and getting his name in the paper on a regular basis for his efforts in front of the big sticks.


By the looks of Sean’s hands that are covered in paint on most weekdays (but always clean by the time Saturday night rolls around) he has continued his painting career under the employment of his father.


Harry has been travelling with his lovely girlfriend Becky, and he has also been working on his rig, which has come along leaps and bounds since Brett Geeves body shamed him when he was 18.


I know many of ‘the readers’ have been waiting for one name and would have been disappointed not to see it next to Matt and Stuart on the engagements list.


Wills Thompson off-season has seen him play one game for the Hutchins Old Boys and drop his weight under 100kg, but most of his off-season has been filled with learning the chords to ‘Whateverby Oasis and watching reruns of Spicks and Specks on ABC Comedy.  

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