Sandy Bay CC History

A Brief History

The early 1960’s was a time when Lower Queenborough had a turf wicket running East/West and Sandy Bay Cricket Club practiced in the corner nearest Sandy Bay Road opposite to the Service Station. The nets were rather primitive and a lot of time was spent going into the Davies’ property to recover errant balls. Our changerooms were in a former Church Hall up near Nelson Road. The Ground which was used by the City Association was a different configuration to what it is today with a large area that ran from the present entrance to halfway down the length of the ground jutting in from Nelson Road.


Queenborough Oval was our home ground and very different to today. The Palfreyman Stand didn’t exist and the change rooms which were located close to the eastern end were rather rustic timber buildings. The Club didn’t enjoy great success but we had the best State player never to represent Australia in Brian Patterson playing First Grade. Also in the side was former West Australian opener Gerry Connor. The side was captained by Geoff Burrows with brother Ian, Bruce Denne, Ron Stone and Harry Ward. Opening the bowling with Harry was Barry Beckett who with Brian Patterson also played with Sandy Bay Football Club Reserves.


I was fortunate enough to make my debut for First Grade in 1963 as an opening batsman replacing Gerry Connor who was playing a representative match. I opened with Ian Burrows against Clarence at North Hobart Oval which used to have pretty good turf wickets. Success finally came in the 64/65 season when I was a member of the Sandy Bay side that defeated North Hobart at the TCA. The Game was memorable for the fact that umpire Jim Stevens no-balled Garry Brakey for throwing and he took no further part in the match. The side included Geoff and Ian Burrows, Brian Patterson, Graeme Mansfield, Leigh Batchelor, Ben Wignall, Bill Butler, Kerry Flint, Neville Rist, Garry Roberts and Terry Bowes.


The Club had to wait a further 16 seasons before they again tasted First Grade success. In 1980/81 they defeated South Hobart, a club they eventually merged with in 1986/87.


In the final against Glenorchy in 1973/74 the Bay’s opening bowler Peter Fulton was no-balled for running on the wicket and was prevented from bowling again in the match which had a big bearing on the result.


Second Grade under the captaincy of Wayne Anning were back to back winners in 1973/74 by one run against Glenorchy and 1974/75 against Kingborough where they won outright. Third Grade tasted success with back to back titles in 1975/76 and 1976/77


On the 17th August 1976, the Club celebrated their Golden Anniversary which was held at what was then known as The Bay Inn (formerly Beach House Hotel), now Beach House Apartments. A combined celebration /AGM, it was attended by 60 members and guests including such luminaries as Keith Miller and Alan Davidson. A signed record of those in attendance has been kept in storage.


Two players to return to the Club following stints at University were Brent Palfreyman and Bill Bale. Sandy Bay footballers who played cricket were former Hawthorn player Lance Morton, his mate John Guiver, Phil Wynd, Brendan Lockwood and Chris Saunders, Stuart’s older brother. He and I used to play City Association at Lower Queenborough in the morning then front up to the top ground in the afternoon.


Sandy Bay players who also represented the State were Brian Patterson, Jim Wilkinson, Kerry Flint, Ian Burrows, Stuart Saunders. Overseas players and coaches to join the Club were Tony King and David Hughes. Two Tasmanian players to coach the Club were Graeme Farrell and Graeme Hodgman. Players that left to coach other clubs were Brian Patterson, Ian Burrows and Graeme Mansfield. Other identities to play for the Club were former TFL umpire Cyril Lavelle.


During this period Sandy Bay also enjoyed the services as Patrons by Owen Burrows, Doug Palfreyman, Reg Roberts and long serving Secretary Robert Plaister. Finally, one item that has been gleaned from the memory banks is that the 2nd Grade bowling averages in the 1962/63 season went to none other than the past President of SHSBCC Jim (Darby) Munro.


Ian Pook (Life Member)